How Asphalt Paving Is Created

When it comes to parking lots, asphalt is considered the material of choice by most commercial facilities due to its durability and cost-effectiveness. However, like all paved surfaces, it is susceptible to wear and tear, traffic stress and the elements, which can lead to surface deterioration and cracks in the roadway. It’s important to schedule routine maintenance to prevent costly repairs and resurfacing projects.

Does asphalt shrink?

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Asphalt is a durable and cost-effective material that can last for decades when it is properly maintained. However, when you are in need of a repair or resurfacing project, it is vital to partner with a professional company that can handle the job quickly and efficiently. Rose Paving Tampa has years of experience in the industry, providing clients with expert service for all of their paving needs.

The first step in creating asphalt pavement is called pre-dosing. This is where the aggregate components of the asphalt are weighed with a belt weighing instrument. The aggregates are then mixed with a liquid asphalt binder. This is kept in heated tanks so that it stays a liquid suitable for mixing. This mix is then transported to the construction site where it will be laid and compacted.