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The roof on your home serves many functions, including protecting it from the elements and enhancing its appearance. It also helps to keep your home safe from water damage. If you need a new roof in Barrie, you should contact us at Ainger Group so that we can assess your property and recommend the best solution for your home. We can install a new roof that will last for years, while keeping your energy costs down and contributing to a better environment.

Does metal roof need ventilation?

Whether you are looking to upgrade your old roof or add a new addition, we can help! Our team is highly trained and experienced in all areas of residential roofing, so we can provide you with the services you need to keep your home safe. We offer a variety of options for Barrie residents, from shingles to steel, rubber and even skylights. Read more :

Attic Insulation: Your home needs to be properly insulated to prevent cold and hot air from seeping through the ceilings and causing significant issues with your heating and cooling system. We can examine your attic insulation to determine if it is in need of replacement, and then install the proper insulating material.

We are also experts at eavestrough installation in Barrie and can help you keep your home dry by installing new eavestroughs that will keep rainwater away from your home. We are happy to install eavestroughs of any shape or size, and can also repair any leaking eavestroughs that you may have.

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