Bust Down Watches – The Latest Craze Among Rappers

Bust down watches are the latest craze among rappers, but are they really worth it?

A rolex bust down is a timepiece that has been completely disassembled to its basic elements, then embellished with gemstones and diamonds. It’s a style of luxury jewelry that shows creativity and individuality.

What does it mean when a Rolex is bust down?

When it comes to rappers, diamonds aren’t just a sign of wealth; they’re a symbol of power. They’re also symbols of a successful career.

Some rappers like to buy expensive watches that are adorned with diamonds, so they can wear them as accessories. But this practice lowers the value of the timepiece, according to experts.

If you’re planning to sell the timepiece in the future, it might not be a good idea to add aftermarket diamonds to it. That’s because the price of diamonds does not rise in the market as it does with other jewelry items.

How They Are Made

To make a bust down watch, each piece is taken apart carefully (busted down) and then set with diamonds using a specialized metal excavating tool. The diamonds are drilled in a way that they fit snugly and securely.

Generally, the diamonds are arranged in sets of two or more and they’re secured together with jewels. This is a delicate and complex process that only skilled diamond setters are capable of performing.

The hottest look for an iced out AP price watch is baguette and honeycomb-pave diamonds. This setting is a huge transformation from the traditional bust down settings that were previously popular.