Buying a Pre-Owned EV For Sale

Unlike traditional gasoline-powered cars, electric vehicles have far fewer moving parts and require less maintenance. That makes them a great option for consumers who want to save money by buying used.

While new EVs still hold their resale value tenaciously, used models are becoming even better deals than usual. The average price of a pre-owned EV for sale has fallen to the $10,000 range, while many older models can be purchased for a fraction of that price.

Going Green: Pre Owned EV for Sale

When scouting out a pre-owned EV, it’s important to look at the car’s original range and consider its age. The battery in a used EV will naturally degrade over time, and the degradation rate increases with the car’s age. However, modern EV batteries are engineered to last longer than comparable gasoline-powered cars. They use liquid cooling to keep the battery at its optimal operating temperature, which minimizes degradation over time.

Buying a pre-owned EV also offers the peace of mind that a manufacturer’s warranty will provide. Many manufacturers offer eight-year, 100,000-mile battery warranties on their EVs, and some include the full vehicle powertrain warranty as well.

Those shopping for a used EV should also check out their state’s incentives and rebates. For example, in California, PG&E’s Rebate Plus program can offer buyers up to $4,000 on qualifying pre-owned EVs.