Buying Mushrooms Online Canada

mushrooms online canada

Buying mushrooms online in Canada is an increasingly common practice, but it’s not without risks. Many shoppers encounter scams and concerns about product quality and contamination. This article explores these issues and offers tips for making a safe, satisfying purchase.

Amid the psychedelic paintings, drug war propaganda posters and coca leaf products on display at the Coca Leaf Cafe & Mushroom Dispensary on Vancouver’s sparse East Hastings Street, the store’s menus prominently advertise its legally dubious goods: mushrooms (scientifically known as Psilocybe cubensis), shroom kits, peyote and Bolivian coca leaf products.

On the website for his business, Mycology Direct, Larsen lists the nutrient content of each strain and emphasizes its potential for improving both mental and physical health, noting that its psilocybin-rich mushrooms are “a perfect match for anyone seeking to improve their life with a new perspective.”

From Forest to Table: Mushrooms Online in Canada

However, Larsen says, microdosing is illegal in Vancouver. He hopes to open a brick-and-mortar shop in the future, but for now he’s cashing in on his mushrooms online.

The legality of psilocybin stores like Larsen’s and others depends on how local authorities respond. In larger cities, they may not be as aggressive in enforcement — perhaps because the presence of mushroom shops helps destigmatize the drug. But in smaller jurisdictions, they may be a target of more intense crackdowns. And whether local officials decide to crack down or not, the mushroom stores are a sign that psilocybin is on its way to becoming more mainstream.