Clairvoyance – Are You a Clairvoyant?


Are you able to “see” things that other people can’t? Do you frequently see pictures in your head that unfold like a movie? If so, you may be clairvoyant. This psychic ability involves seeing, hearing and feeling the spirits of people that have passed on or those who are around you. It can also include the ability to see distant objects and locations.

Often, voyance discount can read the auras of people they meet by looking at their electromagnetic fields. These auras show up as bands of color or light around a person. Aura readings can provide insight into a person’s mood, emotional state and life path.

Discovering Your Inner Clairvoyant: Techniques for Awakening Your Psychic Sight

Some clairvoyants are able to communicate with spirit guides, loved ones and even the earthbound spirits of deceased family members. This type of communication can be very comforting and helpful in understanding a situation.

Other clairvoyant gifts include the ability to receive information from source wisdom, remote viewing and psychometry. Remote viewing is a type of extrasensory perception whereby you can “see” with your mind’s eye the images, sounds and feelings from a distance. This is similar to the way a tarot card reader can discern what the cards mean.

Some clairvoyants are very visual and find it easy to understand how different parts of a whole fit together. This is due to the fact that most of their visions occur inside their third eye (or sixth chakra). You can strengthen and open your clairvoyance abilities by practicing meditation, especially focusing on opening up and strengthening your third eye.