Email Risk Assessment – Protect Your Business From Fake Applications and Chargebacks

Email risk assessment is a method of identifying fraudsters by using in-depth email data. It uses machine learning algorithms to detect fraud. Using the right email risk score helps businesses protect themselves from fake applications and chargebacks.

What happens if a scammer has your email address?

Unlike traditional transaction data, which can be easily fooled by fraudsters, email address metadata offers a more accurate picture of a customer. With email age and advanced analytics, this platform combines machine learning and real-time transaction outcomes to deliver a better, more holistic view of consumer and business risk.

Socure Email RiskScore is part of Socure’s industry-leading fraud protection platform. Providing an accurate, easy-to-interpret score, the platform returns decisioning data, including a list of other PII.

Using this platform, businesses can perform real-time email and domain scoring, providing 30+ data points. The results are returned in a fraction of a second. Using a toolkit, businesses can quantify their email risk to reduce fraud and generate more revenue.

When a potential customer wants to open an account online, he/she needs to provide an email address. This can make it easy for fraudulent actors to hijack and use the account to make purchases or access e-commerce applications. Customers want assurance that their personal information is secure.

Moreover, customers expect to receive services on demand. With the increasing amount of interactions moving to the digital world, it is critical for businesses to evaluate risk in every touchpoint.

A recent report from Fortinet shows that known malware can bypass security on an alarming scale. These attacks have caused over $2 billion in damages in US businesses alone.