Expert Bathtub Reglazing

Although many people are careful and meticulous in keeping their bathtubs clean, normal use over the years still wears on the surface. This can cause rust spots, chips and other cosmetic problems. Luckily, there are several bathtub renovation processes available in today’s market to tackle these issues and restore your tub to like-new condition. In this article, we’ll take a look at expert bathtub reglazing, one of the most popular options.

Reglazing is a process that involves applying a fresh coat of liquid-based resin to the existing surfaces of your bathtub. It requires a high-volume low-pressure sprayer, special fume extractors and plenty of fresh air for safe and effective application. Without these tools and sufficient knowledge, you may damage your tub or not get the results you want. This is why it’s usually best to leave reglazing to the professionals.

Expert Bathtub Reglazing: Precision and Skill for Your Tub’s Renewal

When properly done, the coating will last for up to ten years and can be touched up as needed with the same technique. Reglazing is a less expensive option than tub replacement and can save you thousands of dollars in remodeling expenses, according to Coletti.

However, it’s important to note that this is a purely cosmetic improvement and not a fix for serious cracks or worn out surfaces. Reglazing will not repair your end-of-life tub, and it won’t bring back a rusted or chipped shower door. Depending on your bathroom situation, it may be more beneficial to replace your bathtub altogether.