Fallen Angels

Fallen angels are the evil spirits who rebel against God and try to destroy mankind. They have knowledge of their own eternal fate, but they are still determined to drag down as many souls as possible with them. Their methods include tempting and coercing non-believers to follow their twisted ways. This is why fallen angels are often called demons.

What are the 7 Fallen Angels?

Fallen angels are similar to angels in appearance. One of the most famous fallen angels is the Christian Lucifer. He fought God and fell from heaven to rule a nightclub. He even had consultations with the LAPD. Eventually, Lucifer became the leader of the fallen angels.

Some angels rebelled against God and were cast into hell. Some were tempted by women, including Noah’s wife, Naamah. Others were tempted by the beauty of humans. Their sins caused God to banish them to hell. Their sins came from vanity and lust. Although sent by God to watch over humanity, these angels sinned and fell from grace. These fallen angels then fell in love with human women and made pacts with men. They then slept with women, bred children, and fathered Nephilim (giant demigods).

Besides the biblical Fallen Angels, the Koran also mentions them. These fallen angels are identified in Arabic tradition as Samhazai and Azael. They are also identified as demons in Christian theology.