Ford Portable Generators

ford portable generators

Ford is best known for their motor vehicles, but they also make generators. They are the perfect backup for a power outage, and they come in different sizes and powers to suit your needs. They can run on gas, propane, or even diesel. They are easy to set up and are great for camping trips or tailgating.

The ford portable generators at Generator Gorilla are EPA and CSA certified for use in the US and Canada. They are also portable and have a handle for easy moving. They are made by the same company that makes Ford automobiles, and they have a warranty of 2 years.

This generator has a 224cc, 4-stroke, OHV engine that can run on gasoline or liquid propane. Its patented Switch & Go technology allows you to switch between fuel sources while the generator is running. It can also be fueled up with either fuel at the same time for maximum flexibility. Other features include an electric start button, a digital hour meter, and low oil shutdown. Its M-frame design and durable, drop-down handles make it both visually appealing and rugged. The 8″ Never-flat wheels and fold-out handles make it easy to move this generator around your property or campsite.

Power On-The-Go: Exploring the Versatility of Ford Portable Generators

The FG2200iS is not a silent generator, but it does produce less noise than other models in its class. It has two 120 volt outlets and a 12 volt car charger outlet, making it suitable for charging laptops and other electronics. It has a built-in inverter that produces a clean sine wave of electricity so you can safely use it with sensitive electronics. It can run for 10.5 hours on 6.6 gallons of gas, producing only 78 dB at half load.