Heavy Duty Casters

heavy duty casters

Heavy duty casters can be an essential tool for moving large, heavy objects in your home or office. These casters have a larger diameter than standard caster wheels, and they are typically capable of supporting at least 600 pounds. URL https://www.castercity.com/heavy-duty-casters/

They can be helpful for moving appliances and furniture, equipment, cabinets and more around your home or office. The larger diameter allows these casters to handle heavier loads and move them quickly and safely.

These casters are durable and made from heavy-duty steel to ensure years of use. They are also available in many different colors to match your decor.

They are easy to install and can be moved anywhere. The wheels are also made of non-marring thermoplastic rubber that reduces vibration and provides a quiet, smooth experience on various types of flooring.

How to Maintain and Repair Heavy Duty Casters to Extend Their Lifespan

The casters also feature double precision ball bearings that help to maintain the wheel’s smooth mobility and reduce noise during transport. They can be used on different surfaces without making much noise, which is a great feature for people who have hearing impairments.

These casters are durable and come in a pack of 4. They have a 1100-pound load capacity, which is enough to carry luggage, display equipment, light machinery and cabinets. They also have a double-lock brake, which locks both the wheel and the swivel at the same time to protect the items being moved.