How to Stack Necklaces

From its roots in link chains jewelry, stacking necklaces remains a powerful style technique that weaves a unique narrative of personal style. Whether your stack is minimalist or maximalist in nature, it’s easy to create a beautiful arrangement with the right combination of varying lengths, necklace types and finishes. This season we see a strong emphasis on mixing up textures, incorporating subtle hues and accenting with pearls and gemstones to add drama. This is also the ideal time to introduce a hero style such as a coin necklace or an amulet charm from Marlo Laz, Foundrae or Anita Ko.

The Versatility of Link Chains: A Must-Have in Your Jewelry Collection

The secret to a flawless necklace stack lies in the right order of placement. It’s recommended to keep to a maximum of three necklaces when layering, as this allows the shorter pieces to be positioned close to your neck while the longer ones cascade down your chest. Furthermore, arranging your necklaces in an odd number (as opposed to even numbers) helps prevent them from intertwining or tangling.

Mixing daintier necklaces with thicker chains is another way to achieve a balanced look when it comes to a necklace stack. This juxtaposition isn’t only stylish, but it also adds a conversation between your pieces, with a timeless gold chain introducing a classic look while a pendant necklace brings in a contemporary aesthetic. When it comes to necklace chains, don’t shy away from combining different textures either – bead, cable, rolo, helix and herringbone styles work well together.