How to Use Twitter Ad Types to Promote Your Business

Twitter offers a number of different ad formats that you can use to promote your business and reach new customers. These ad types include Promoted Tweets (which look like regular tweets with a small “Promoted” label), Image Ads, Video Ads and Carousels, as well as Message Ads. URL

Twitter recommends using a mix of ad formats to maximize the impact of your campaign. It is also important to create ads that stand out from the crowd. This means that your ad copy needs to be concise and compelling, while the imagery or videos you choose must be engaging and relevant. The ad creative should also pop with contrasting colors to grab attention and draw the viewer in.

The Twitter Ads platform provides marketers with a suite of tools that help them track and optimize their campaigns to drive ROI. For example, Improvado’s marketing attribution modeling and customer journey mapping can help identify the best performing segments of your audience and drive better return on ad spend.

Exploring Different Twitter Ad Types

There are a few different objectives you can target with Twitter (or X) Ads: Reach, Followers, Website Traffic, and Engagements. The Reach objective will display your ad to as many people in a certain timeframe as possible, while the Followers objective will promote Tweets to people who don’t already follow your account. The Website Traffic objective will boost clicks on your website and leverage Twitter’s Click ID to measure conversions accurately.

With automatic bidding, Twitter does the work for you and optimizes your bid to reach your campaign goals. The Maximum Bid option gives you more control over your budget, allowing you to set the highest amount you’re willing to pay for each engagement.