Inogen Accessories Near Me

inogen accessories near me

Inogen G3 oxygen concentrators and accessories enable people with supplemental oxygen needs to continue living active lifestyles that were previously hindered by large, bulky oxygen tanks. These portable oxygen concentrators, also known as POC units, deliver a steady stream of compressed air that is inhaled through a nasal cannula. These devices can be purchased on a prescription basis and are often covered by health insurance plans. Source inogen accessories near me –

The portable G3 oxygen concentrator is small, lightweight, and FAA-approved for airplane travel. This feature makes it ideal for individuals who are on-the-go and like to travel. The unit can be used while running errands, exercising, and visiting family or friends. It can even be used while sleeping in a hotel room or on a cruise ship.

Finding the Perfect Match: Where to Find Inogen Accessories Near You

When shopping for an Inogen, you’ll want to consider its noise level, battery life, and other features. The G3 and the G5 both offer a whisper-quiet operation that is comparable to the sound produced by an average laptop. Additionally, the G3’s battery life lasts up to 6.5 hours when used continuously.

You’ll also want to make sure the device you choose is compatible with your preferred mobile app, whether it’s the Inogen Connect App (G5 only) or the Inogen At Home App (G3 only). These apps allow users to monitor and track various information, including battery status, nasal cannula life, filter life, column life, and more. Having these apps will give you peace of mind that your equipment is working properly and supplying you with the proper amount of supplemental oxygen.