Mikuni Carburetor Information

Mikuni carburetors have been around since the 1920s and have become the standard for racing. They provide excellent efficiency and great performance. Their carburetors are used in motorcycles, ATVs, and drag racers.

How do I identify my Mikuni carb?

These carbs use a choke circuit and a venturi. The choke circuit allows the mixture to be vaporized quickly. When the engine is cold, the fuel and air mix is richer, and more fuel is required to vaporize it.

Mikuni carb come in three different types. There are single carburetors, pumper carburetors, and the RS series. Each type is specialized for a certain type of application. It is important to choose the right Mikuni carb for your specific requirements.

Mikuni carbs are available with a wide variety of accessories. Some include air-cleaners, main jets, pilot jets, tuner kits, and throttles. You can also order a kit, which includes a high-flow air filter, an airbox/air filter adapter, and all fasteners.

If you want to upgrade to a bigger carb, you can purchase a Mikuni carburetor kit. This kit includes a pair of 42mm HSR Mikuni carburetors, a single pull twin cable choke, and CNC machined billet manifolds.

Mikuni carbs are designed to work well with two-stroke engines. They also have a wide variety of needle sizes and shapes to accommodate this.

If you are unsure of which Mikuni carb will suit your bike, you can consult with your local dealer. However, it is important to ensure that you are buying an authentic product.