Photos Printed on Metal

Photos printed on metal are light-catching and modern art pieces that make a great conversation starter in a living room, bedroom or home office. They’re also perfect for displaying family pictures, landscape photography and other creative photographs that deserve a little more attention than a traditional photo frame would allow.

What are photos printed on metal called?

The best photos to use for metal prints are ones that have vivid colors, sharp contrasts and a lot of detail. It’s also important to consider the color of your walls when selecting a metal print for your home or workplace.

For example, if you have a white wall, you’ll want to choose a print that has a silver or white finish. This will help to keep skin tones in tact, while also enhancing the image’s brightness and color quality.

How to Hang a Metal Print Like a Pro

If you’re new to metal prints, it can be helpful to read up on how to hang them before ordering one for your home or office. Most designers recommend that you hang your metal prints at eye level to ensure that they’re visible and easy to see without taking too much space from your other decor.

The dye-sublimation process gives your prints a higher contrast and color brightness than traditional photo paper. It also makes them more durable and longer-lasting. They are resistant to sunlight and won’t be damaged by heat. This means that you can enjoy your metal prints all year round!