The Role of a Romanian Worker in France

Romanian worker in France

As roumain travail en France becomes a full member of the EU and the bloc’s borders loosen, the nation is becoming a major source of migrants. This influx could shape EU migration policy debates sooner than expected.

French President Emmanuel Macron is in Romania on Thursday, the second leg of his tour of Central Europe to raise concerns over so-called “posted workers” from Eastern Europe who work temporarily abroad.

He will meet with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, Prime Minister Mihai Tudose and other government officials. Macron has already raised the issue in talks in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, warning that failure to reform rules governing posted workers would jeopardize EU integration.

Contributions and Challenges: The Impact of Romanian Workers on the French Economy

The French-Romanian partnership is important for both countries. The two nations are among the top destinations for each other’s students, and a large number of French companies have operations in Romania. In the case of Romanian physicians, the move to France is often a response to a shortage of healthcare professionals in their own country, and a desire to fulfill their Hippocratic oath in a more stable, well-funded medical system.

Finding a job in France for foreign workers can be difficult, particularly for those without a degree or previous experience in the field. One strategy is to network with local professionals by attending industry events or joining professional associations. In addition, acquiring French language skills can make it easier to connect with local professionals and find employment. Other ways to find a job in France include applying for a position directly with a company or through a recruitment agency, and working on a contract basis.