Tips For Renting a Car in NYC

One Click Drive The best way to rent a car in NYC is with an online car-sharing service like Turo. Much like Airbnb but for cars, owners post their vehicles on the Turo platform and make them available to renters.

What is the difference between car hire and car rental?

You can find an array of options for car-sharing through this platform, and the prices can vary widely based on location, host, and type of vehicle. If you’re looking for a car that is in great condition and affordable, this may be a better option than traditional car-rental services.

One-way and round trip: This is the most common type of contract, which allows you to pick up a car at one location and return it at another. However, you should be aware that these contracts may come with additional fees and restrictions.

Drivers with recent driving violations may not be able to rent a car from some companies. Contact the company to determine if it will check your history before you get a quote.

Special deals: Many companies offer discounts if you book in advance, or if you combine your reservation with a flight or hotel stay. Also, ask about discounts for members of certain groups or credit card companies.

Cancelations: Most car-rental companies allow customers to cancel a reservation before the car is picked up. You should be able to do this online or at the counter where you pick up the car.

Size matters: The car you select should be right for your needs. A small car will make it easier to navigate city streets, while an SUV will provide better fuel efficiency.